Alligator Gar
(Atractosteus spatula)

Alligator Gar Photos

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Assisting Ricky Campbell, Hatchery Manager Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery, with Alligator Gar collections on Mobile Bay


Cory Gullett with Private John Allen NFH wrestling a gar for production.

Dr. Allyse Ferrara showing off her nice catch.

Chris Kennedy with the Missouri Department of Conservation tagging juvenile alligator gar with telemetry tags at Mingo NWR.

Chris Kennedy with the Missouri Department of Conservation releasing tagged juvenile alligator gar at Mingo NWR.










Kayla Dibenedetto posing with a fish she and Ricky caught.

Olivia Smith organizing her catch for examination.





Univeristy of Central Arkansas Graduate Students

Pictured: Ed Kluender, Luke Driver, and Tommy Inebnit


Tagging alligator gar into the cold winter night.

Pictured: Boating a previously tagged alligator gar. USFWS Photo

Pictured: Floy tag and PIT tag (implanted) on a recaptured alligator gar. USFWS Photo


USFWS assisting Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with Tagging Alligator Gar


Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Pictured: Chad Dolan (Fairhope High School student assisting) and Brian Rinehard moving brood fish from transport tank to holding tank, Spanish Fort.

Pictured: Jason Thomas and Maurice Winton loading gar into trasport truck to Marion State Hatchery.

Pictured: Brian Rinehard (ADCNR) moving gar brood fish into holding tank, Spanish Fort.

Pictured: Alabama State Fish Hatchery truck at Isaac Creek, a gar restoration stocking site on Claiborne Reservoir, Alabama River (credit: D. Armstrong, ADCNR).

Pictured: Broodstock gar release back into Threemile Creek (Mobile River) October 2008 (credit: Jason Thomas, ADCNR).

Pictured: Alligator gar finderling (credit: Dave Armstrong, ADCNR).

Pictured: Jason Thomas, Biological Aide, Spanish Fort with gar at transport truck tank, Spanish Fort. (credit: ADCNR).

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Alligator Gar
(Atractosteus spatula)