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 Amazing Fish Pictures

"Fan Tail" Carp

Caught at Toledo Bend Reservoir by LDWF personnel conducting standardized sampling.  Contact LDWF Fisheries Biologist Ricky Yeldell at (337) 286-5940 for more information


Huge Alligator Gar

Confiscated by LDWF's Enforcement Division.  This gar originated in the Red River, measuring 8-feet 1-inch long and weighing in at 245 pounds.  Contact LDWF Fisheries Biologist Eric Shanks at (337) 491-2577 for more information

Gulf Sturgeon

Captured and released in Bogue Chitto River by LDWF Inland Fisheries personnel.  This fish was 7.5-feet long and weighed 340 pounds.  Contact LDWF Fisheries Biologist Howard Rogillio at (985) 882-5228 for more information


Live Redfish Without a Tail

Caught somewhere off of the Texas coast.  Origin of photo is unknown.


1152-lb Bluefin Tuna

Caught of the coast of Louisiana in 2003.  2003 "fish of the year", the largest record fish captured off of the coast of Louisiana on rod & reel.



"Fan Tail" Crappie

Caught in Lake Fork, Texas by an angler.  Contact Terry Wilson of the Sabine River Authority of Texas at (903)878-2420 for more information

12-lb+ Rainbow Trout

This fish was caught in the Kvichak River flowing out of Lake Iliamna, Alaska.


Crooked Gizzard Shad

This fish was caught in a gill net in November 2005 in Bayou Chevreuil, St. James Parish LA.


Live Red Snapper Without a Tail

Caught in a shrimp trawl off the Louisiana coast.  Contact Dave Hickman for more information.




70-lb Grass Carp

Captured from the Hudson River by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  Contact Kevin Hynes for more information.


Pink Bottlenose Dolphin?


OK, we know it's not a fish.  Photos taken by Eric Rue at the Calcasieu Ship Channel

jetties in Cameron Parish.  Contact Michael Harbison for more information.


Hurricane Ike Fish Kill

Photo was taken at Henderson Lake near I-10.  Contact Jill Jenkins for more information.

Spotted gar with deformed tail

Captured in Bayou Cane in the Atchafalaya Basin.  Contact Christopher Bonvillain for more information.


Please send in your AMAZING FISH PICTURES to Dave Hickman with all of the pertinent information and a contact person's name and phone number.

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