1998 Annual Meeting Minutes


FEBRUARY 26, 1998


  • Chairman Mark Webb opened the meeting. Thirty-eight members and guests were
  • Minutes from the fall meeting at SEAFWA in Oklahoma City were approved.
  • Webb circulated a roster for updating names, mailing addresses, telephone and fax
    numbers and e-mail addresses. Revisions will be distributed to members.
  • Treasury Report (Webb) as of 2-24-98
    • Investments were earning 11.3% annually (approximately $5,500 in 1997).
      @ Income from sale of reservoir symposium book sales was $5,301.50.
    • Expenses included $1,000 donation to AFS 2000, $3,000 to SD Student
      Affairs Committee for ’97 and ’98, and $245.97 for coffee breaks.
    • End-of-year balance was $55,147.37 of which $7,159.45 was in money
      market account, remainder invested in mutual funds.
    • Only one RC member requested travel assistance to attend this meeting. Members were advised to tell those not in attendance that this was an approved
      use of RC funds (first-come-first-served basis).
  • Reservoir Habitat Enhancement Manual
    • Mike Allen made a presentation on a proposed project to evaluate effectiveness
      of habitat enhancement procedures in increasing fish production.
    • Begin with compilation of gray literature.
    • Workshops to:
      • Develop habitat assessment methodology,
      • Introduce new approaches,
      • Involve all agencies responsible for habitat enhancement.
    • Field Project:
    • Feasibility?
    • Five years in five states,
    • One year pre-treatment, four years post,
    • Treatment/control groups,
    • Test differences in fish production.
  • A lengthy discussion followed with Mike Alexander suggesting that the RC still
    needs to produce an easily updated manual containing how-to and case-history
    information on introductions of aquatic vegetation. Mike Maceina suggested
    that a research project was needed to answer the production vs. attraction
    question, looking at the responses of fish communities to habitat enhancement efforts using artificial structures (either abiotic materials or brush piles). Randy Jackson suggested the RC could/should do both.
  • Alexander will begin by assembling information from any and all sources on attempts to establish aquatic vegetation for reservoir fisheries benefits (including water quality, erosion control/bank stabilization, nursery habitat, etc.)
    • RC members should forward information on any projects or research done in their states (by state, Federal agencies, universities or private groups).
    • Forward contact names, telephone numbers and project descriptions.
    • Include costs, man-power requirements and specific techniques for choosing and establishing aquatic plants, including emergents and submergents.
    • Also provide similar how-to information and case history results on the construction’ and use of artificial habitat structures.
    • Members are encouraged to look outside the southeastern states.
    • Dick Christie and Wade Bales will assist. This sub-committee may assemble a questionnaire to help in solicitation of information.
  • RC members with information on changes in fish populations resulting from habitat enhancements should forward it to Allen. He will prepare a more detailed research proposal for the summer meeting.
  • RC Newsletter/Internet Homepage (Frank Massie & Fred Jansen):
    • Members should continue to send information on current reservoir projects,  proposals, or burning issues to Massie – E-mail (fmassie431@aol.com) or on diskette in MS Word or WordPerfect format.
    • Subcommittee (Massie, Jansen, Mark Oliver, Gene Wilde) will work to get RC home page, including the newsletter and meeting minutes, onto the new SD- AFS website (www.sdafs.org).
    • Massie will provide notice with next mailing, informing subscribers that newsletter will be available via the internet in the future, giving them the option to receive a hard copy if they do not have internet access. The current mailing list should be provided to RC members for updating.
    • An announcement will be sent to Fisheries to inform other AFS members about the RC homepage and newsletter and how to access it. Back issues of the RC newsletter should be available on the home page if server space is available.
    • Janssen will develop and provide RC members new protocol for submitting
      information to Massie for the homepage and newsletter.
    • Oliver will check with AFS to see if RC homepage can "reprint" all or portions of RC-sponsored AFS publications.
    • Jeff Boxrucker will provide Oliver with the text of the shad sampling manual for  conversion to HTML format and inclusion on the RC homepage.
  • Robert M. Jenkins Memorial Reservoir Research Scholarship (Gene Gilliland):
    • Application procedures were developed using existing scholarship programs as
      models. Five students submitted applications by the deadline, two were selected, with winners announced at the opening session of the 1998 Mid-year meeting. Awards of $1,000 were presented to Ronald J. Small, Jr. of Virginia Tech and James A. Long of Oklahoma State University.
  • Meeting Schedule:
    • The summer meeting was tentatively set for July 22nd and 23rd in Nashville.
      • Fred Heitman and Tom Swor will handle local arrangements.
      • Webb will look into a -half-dav continuing education workshop on internet use and HTML, that includes hands-on computer time.
      • When date and program are set, Webb will contact SO newsletter editor so an announcement can be printed in the summer edition.
  • Other Business:
    • Mike Colvin announced the there is a movement to have a 25th Anniversary Black Bass Symposium at the AFS annual meeting in St. Louis in 2000. A published, 2-day session is being discussed. The RC may wish to get more involved in the planning. Contact is Dave Phillip (Illinois Nat. Hist Survey)
    • The RC will need to provide a poster or display for the SO Mid-year meeting in
      2002 (50th Anniversary of Division) showing the history of the committee.
      Members are asked to begin looking for appropriate photographs for this display.
      The RC may be asked to co-sponsor publication ($) of an Anniversary booklet
      for this meeting.
  • The annual round-table discussion followed with 22 members presentinq.’
    information on reservoir-related management or research issues.

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