2000 Annual Meeting Agenda

Southern Division American Fisheries Society
Reservoir Committee Meeting Agenda
February 3,2000

  • 1 :00 PM- Call to Order
  • Determination of Quorum
  • Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Old Business
    • Update on J. Slipke and M. Maceina’s Window’s version of Beverton and Holt model (M. Allen)
    • Black Bass Symposium Update (G. Gilliland, M. Allen)
    • Bob Jenkins Scholarship Update (G. Gilliland)
    • Update on Habitat Enhancement Surveys and Manual
      • Abiotic (K. Tugend, M. Allen)
      • Aquatic Plants (M. Alexander)
      • Where to go from here
  • N ew Business
    • Election of Reservoir Committee President-Elect
    • Summer meeting 2000
  • Roundtable Discussion (if time allows)
  • 5:00 PM – Adjourn


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