2001 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Reservoir Committee

SDAFS Midyear Meeting

Jacksonville, Florida

February 22, 2001

  • Meeting Convened February 22, 2001
  • President Mark Oliver called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to Jacksonville.
  • Members present:
    Mark Oliver Jeff Crosby Dick Christie
    Mike Colvin Fred Janssen Jeff Boxrucker
    Mike Allen Kevin Yokum Steve Sammons
    Mike Alexander Frank Massie Tim Churchill
    Dave Coughlan Jay Haffner Scott Hendricks
    Doug Besler Vic DiCenzo Gene Gilliland
    Chris Horton Fred Heitman Wade Bales


  • Wade Bales agreed to take minutes of the meeting.
  • Financial Report
    • President Oliver reported that we have about $49,000 in our mutual funds.
  • Web Page
    • Fred Janssen provided an update on the web page. He asked that anyone wishing to submit newsletter briefs send them to him in a Word document by March 15, 2001.
    • Mike Allen reported on the Review of Technical Committees conducted by the Southern Division. One finding of the committee was that Fisheries Chiefs would like to see the committees produce reports or products beneficial to fisheries management.
  • Biotic Habitat Manual
    • Fred Janssen provided an update on the Biotic Habitat Manual. Fred’s committee has been evaluating ideas for presenting the information. The committee wants to include keys, photographs or pictures, planting information, control methods, and instructions for building exclosures. They need to complete the summary of survey information. Mike Allen provided some scanned drawings. A discussion on how to proceed ensued. Mike Alexander suggested that Mike Allen should compile the manual. A decision to contact Mike Smart and request an update on progress to date was made.
    • Motion– Fred Heitman- RC to ask Mike Smart to provide a proposal to complete the biotic plant manual. The proposal would be distributed to Reservoir Committee members for review. Second- Dave Coughlan. Discussion of the motion followed. Passed.
    • Motion-Fred Heitman- If Mike Smart is unable to work on the manual that President Oliver will contact Mike Allen and Mike Alexander to pursue a proposal for the completion of the manual. Second-Mike Alexander. Passed.
  • Robert Jenkins Memorial Scholarship– Gene Gilliland
    • scholarship committee meeting will be held on 2/23/01 for final review of candidates
    • Julie Mitchell applied for 2nd year
    • previous winner has asked for travel assistance
    • nine proposals were received
    • winner will be announced at the SDAFS business meeting
    • standardized guidelines for proposals are needed for more objective review and selection – the committee will put this together and work with Fred for posting on website
  • National Bass/Grass Alliance– Gene Gilliland
    • objectives of this organization are to come up with guidelines for plant control situations in order to address concerns from all stakeholders in the project area and to address these concerns prior to treatment/control measures
    • they would like the RC to help in their survey:
      • what plant control projects have been done, who was involved, what was done to mesh all stakeholder concerns
      • case history of success stories and horror stories from a fish management perspective
      • from the survey the alliance will create a model to use for solutions to plant control
      • suggested that the RC survey fish management programs for this information
    • discussion among RC members:
      • do we need a nation-wide survey?
      • do we already have enough information of this type?
      • the alliance could use case history information available from various contacts in the southeast – Santee-Cooper/Lake Murray-SC, Conroe-TX, Guntersville-AL, etc.
      • this case history info would be the best source- is the RC the best committee to initiate AFS involvement?
    • Gene will give them a starting point- RC would provide a list of such projects in the southeast and a state/agency contact for each
    • Motion: Gene Gilliland- The RC membership would compile a list of plant management projects in their states and provide to Gene Gilliland a list of those projects with contacts by June 1, 2001. Second- Fred Heitman. Passed.
  • FAST Software– Mike Maceina
    • Dr. Maceina gave an overview of the program and how it works and ran some example scenarios
    • software is now available to RC members and states that contributed to the project
  • Effects of Aging Reservoirs on Fish Populations– Fred Heitman and Mike Colvin
    • have we seen fish populations decline in older reservoirs?
    • would like to find long-term data sets (>20 years) to investigate
    • preliminary investigations indicate fish production does not necessarily decrease over time
    • Fred and Mike requested data sets from RC members to address this question
    • TVA was suggested as a source for long-term fisheries data
  • White Bass Symposium @ St. Louis– Mike Colvin
    • they had four posters submitted for the white bass symposium in St. Louis
    • submitting these four manuscripts as a block to the NAJFM
    • would like to produce a stand-alone copy (module) at a cost of $4000, asked the RC to contribute $2000 for this effort
    • the RC agreed its an effort worth supporting, but would an electronic medium be a better means of distributing the information (via SDAFS website) for low or no cost?
    • Motion: Gene Gilliland- The RC would support the distribution of a white bass module and would recommend the module be distributed in an electronic version via the SDAFS website to reduce costs. Second- Fred Heitman. Passed.
  • RC Mission Statement/RC Poster History– President Oliver
    • no one knows if the RC has a mission
    • poster needs- “silver backs” need to put this poster together for the 2001 AFS meeting
    • Mark Oliver and Mike Alexander will talk to Steve Miranda about accessing historical RC information
    • Steve Miranda chosen as chair for the poster committee
    • anyone with historical photos or info was encouraged to contribute
  • Kentucky SEAFWA– President Oliver
    • need suggestions for symposium topics for the 2001 SEAFWA
    • please contact Mark with ideas and comments
  • Black Bass Symposium– Mike Allen- will send $1000 check as the RC contribution
  • New RC Project Ideas– President Oliver
    • production vs. attraction issue- suggested using hatchery ponds @ varying treatment (habitat) levels- Miranda’s study referenced
    • large reservoir study of this type discussed before- Mike Maceina
    • RC would do better to address a project less than 5 years in length- Mike Allen
    • Distribution of blue catfish suggested- Dave Coughlan
    • Issue of increased catch-and-release practices- Mike Alexander
      • greater percentage of people not keeping fish
      • perception that catch-and-release is necessary
      • has eliminated harvest tool from many situations
      • do we need an educational/perception process on lake-by-lake basis
      • How could RC contribute to either a multi-state or one small project
    • Mike recommended the summer 2001 RC meeting concentrate on prioritizing/ identifying a new RC project-members agreed
  • Summer 2001 RC Meeting
    • Scott Hendricks chosen as the host of this meeting (Atlanta), details to follow later this spring
  • Adjourned- 5:00

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