Summer 2002 Technical Meeting

Hampton Inn, Buckhannon, West Virginia

July 30-31, 2002

  • Welcome and acquisition of meeting minutes recorder
  • Appointment of Meeting Recorder
  • Roll call and determination of quorum
  • Discussion of spring meeting minutes and approval
  • Financial report
  • Old Business
    • Newsletter and web site (Fred Janssen)
    • Abiotic habitat manual (Fred Janssen)
    • White Bass Symposium Proceedings (Fred Janssen/Mike Colvin)
    • Bob Jenkins Scholarships (Gene Gilliland)
    • Tournament Data Collection (Gene Gilliland)
    • Monitoring Impacts of LMBV (Gene Gilliland)
    • Online aquatic vegetation habitat manual (Fred Janssen)
    • Reservoir Committee History Poster (Mark Oliver)
    • Impacts of catch and release fishing
      • Midyear Meeting catch and release symposium (Mike Allen)
      • Angler survey (T. O. Smith and Scott Hendricks)
      • Dredging data for perceived problems (Fred Janssen)
  • New Business
    • Annual Parent Society meeting symposia – "Native Aquatic
      Plants For Habitat" (Fred Janssen)
    • Requests for Travel
      • Gene Gilliland
      • Steve Sammons
      • Andy Sipocz
    • Delayed fishing mortality (Fred Heitman)
  • Next meeting – February 13, 2003 in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Roundtable Discussion