2004 Annual Meeting Minutes

Spring Meeting

Reservoir Committee


Weston Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • 9:00 Commence
  • Approve minutes –Mark Oliver – move, Yokum second
  • New address list circulated
  • Financial Report – Gene Gilliland
    • Lucas Mellott – Managing account, change investment stratagem, mix of income and growth – more consistent monies even if less income overall – Recommend change, Review every 3 years
      Mike Allen – Change, investment strategy, Fred Heitman second
    • UF Graduate – Host Southern Division Student Colloquium (SURF) $6,000 cost, asked Reservoir Committee for $500
      Mike Allen – motion, Fred Janssen– Second $500 approved
  • Habitat – some review stuff submitted, keep stuff coming, will be updated; prohibited plant lists need to be submitted to Fred Janssen.
    • Gene Gilliland – popular press articles and advertising
    • Volunteer Mark Webb agrees to address disclaimer issue, wait for disclaimers and then send to public press link other plant sites to Habitat Manual.
  • Catch & Release
    • No movement on the project (symposium?) or field project?
    • Anglers Survey- not able to focus on objective, also cost prohibitive
    • Fred Heitman and Scott Hendricks – mini surveys to Bass Tournament Anglers
    • Kim suggested online will bias survey rather than mailing or handing out surveys
    • KY, VA, FL, Ark all volunteer to hand out surveys for Catch and Release (C&R) survey (New life)
    • Lengthy discussion – serve as a starting point questions – is C&R causing fisheries not to reach potential
    • creel data and population data at few lakes at Reservoir Symposium (mini survey)
  • Tournament Mortality
    • Study casualties (hurricane, holes, not enough anglers)
    • Aaron – did control study, problems with bacterial infection influence mortality (pseudomonas)
    • Abrasions from nets and raceways
    • Change in Pro fisherman at Bass Masters Classic.
  • Address: Steve Filipek, Larry Connor
  • Scholarship Winners – Gilliland
    • Dave, Scott, Kevin helped review applicants will have one this year
  • Request for standardized sampling procedures from each state
    • Send to Kim Tugend
  • New Project – Reservoir Symposium – 2007 Atlanta
    • Summer meeting Reservoir Symposium
    • Mike Allen – Fisheries focus with broader focus
    • Steve Sammons – broad topics to discuss – Fish focus
    • Discussion – conflicts groups, media
    • Understanding and tying all items together (ex. GIS)
    • Dr. Miranda – Likes our topics – present info that’s useful
      • Fish communities concept
      • Reservoir aging
      • Taking reservoirs down
    • Record guidelines and recruit who we want
    • Piggyback meeting or stand alone as a conference
    • Want held in Southeast
    • Topic selection? How to determine topics
      • Reservoir Aging – physical properties and fish populations
      • Managing small vs. large waters
      • Fish Communities
      • System at river basin level
      • Human dimensions – trophy fisheries
      • Catch and Release
      • Aquatic plant management
    • Local arrangements, funding sources
    • Federal Aid monies – Fred Janssen will check on
    • Mike Allen – contact AFS
    • Plan for 400 people – 1 large room and 2-3 small rooms
  • Mike Wood LA host summer meeting in Baton Rouge
    • Marriott July 13 and 14
  • Nomination for President
    • Gene Gilliland – move
    • Fred – second
    • Mike Colvin – new chairman
  • PowerPoint Presentation – Missouri and Arkansas – tailrace issues
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Gilliland moved to adjourn, John Taylor – second

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