2006 Summer Meeting Minutes

AFS SD Reservoir Committee (RC) Meeting Minutes

Atlanta Airport Hilton 7/25/2006

Melissa Hampton, Director of Sales, Hilton – Introduction and welcome
Dava, Hilton – Contact person for RC and will coordinate details of the symposium arrangements

Vic DiCenzo – made opening remarks and ran the RC meeting

2007 Resv Symp Comm:
Oversight Chair – Vic Dicenzo
Programs Chair – Mike Maceina, Mike Allen, Steve Sammons
Fund Raising – Fred Heitman
Local Arrangements – Michael Abney
Registration – ????
Communications – Fred Janssen
Posters – Mike Allen, Steve Sammons
Treasurer – Vic DiCenzo
A-V – Colton Dennis
Socials – Michael Abney
Workshops – Mike Colvin

List of RC attendees – Jamie Sykes, Mark Oliver, Brent Hess, Neal Jackson, Lawrence Dorsey, Michael Abney, Larry Pugh, Damon Abernethy, Fred Heitman, Chris Horton, Kim Bonvechio, Fred Janssen, Vic DiCenzo, Steve Sammons, Mike Allen, and Colton Dennis

Mid Year Minutes – Fred H. moved and Fred J. approved

Financial Report – Vic

  • New Bank of America account
  • Set up fictional name for RC to make auditors happy
  • Working with Merchant Services to set up credit card machine
  • Paid $15K to Aquarium as deposit
  • RC account now under $20K, but Symposium should reimburse and get                             account back to $35K

Hotel Contract – discuss late when we receive it.

Publicity – Kim B.

  • Call for papers ad in Fisheries magazine starting in August that will alternate each month between a 1/2pg and ¼ pg ad
  • Kim will get the members list from Fisheries and will be sending out a call for papers in between the magazine months
  • Kim is developing a brochure to be placed in packets for upcoming meetings including the Annual AFS at Lake Placid, SEAFWA at Norfolk, AFS Mid Year at Memphis, etc.
  • Kim stated that she needed Mike C. blurb about the 2hr. symposium workshop     for the brochure.
  • Michael A. wanted his return address on the brochure so he could get the attendees info and money.
  • Fred H. stated he would be responsible for getting the brochures in the appropriate packets.  
  • Fred H. will work with Chris Horton on getting the best price on brochure printing costs.  The current bid is $2,500 for 4K brochures, but Chris will check with his people on getting a better price.  Brochure costs are coming out of the meeting budget and is part of the registration fee.
  • Kim asked about logo for meeting?  Vic stated Phil Bettolli’s sister’s son will create the logo for $500.   Kim stated it will be needed by mid-Aug for Lake Placid meeting.  Fred H. said he would work with Kim on the logo design that will go on the brochures, shirts, etc.
  • Kim asked about Hilton Hotel website for registration
  • Michael A. stated Bank of America can have credit card machine on site.  He needs to know when the website goes “live”. 
  • Mike A. stated Southern Company is going to be handling the registration.  There will be a $60 monthly maintenance fee for maintaining website registration site.  The website will start Jan 1, and run through May (five months) for a total cost of $300. 
  • Fred J. said the RC webpage will link to the registration website and will become active Jan 1. 
  • Chris H. recommended that sponsors logo be placed on the registration website once they make a contribution.
  • Fred H. also reminded everyone that sponsors logo will go in the book 
  • Fred J. said he would visit with the Fish Management Section at Lake Placid and make an announcement at the meeting
  • Vic stated he would send out letter in the fall to all 50 Fish Chiefs announcing the meeting and encouraging attendance and sponsorship.

Program – Mike Allen (see attached powerpoint for details)

  • Mike A. asked Lawrence if he and his fellow NC DNR biologists could work with Dr. Jim Gore from Univ. of South Florida on his talk. 
  • Added Missouri River in South Dakota to list of talks???
  • Session One – 30 minutes per talk???
  • Steve S. is working on getting more talks for Session Four (C&R)
  • Steve will email to Fred H. the draft symposium papers
  • Steve stated that we have room for forty-six 20 minute talks.  We have 32 confirmed talks which leaves 14 slots available.  Of the 32 talks, 47% come from Southern Div., 22% North Central, 14% Western, 1% North East and represent 24 states.
  • It was recommended that titles and authors go on webpage to help recruit papers and attendance. 
  • We have a budget of $30K for the book.
  • We will be accepting poster abstracts and posters have the option of being published.
  • Vic stated that VA DNR has 25 easels for posters.  Larry P. volunteered to pick up easels at Memphis meeting

Socials – Mike Abney

  • Wed nite – There is room for a maximum of 250 people for the Social at the Hilton’s Finish Line
  • Thur nite (cost $20K)– Grand Promenade (upstairs area in Hilton) will have posters 6-8pm.  Sponsors will also be setting up booths for exhibits. Food stations will be set up for 2hrs, Liquor for 4hrs 
  • Fri nite – Aquarium
    • Transportation by buses (holds 55 passengers) from Hilton to Aquarium will begin at 4:15pm and will run all night until 10:30pm and will cost RC $5K
    • General admission into Aquarium will cost $10.50 and will be included in registration fee.  Announcement at the last break of Symposium will be made to ensure everyone has their wrist band to get into Aquarium.
    • The Banquet room which opens up to the Beluga and Whale Shark exhibit opens up at 6pm.  The bar serving beer and wine will be open from 6-10pm.  Dinner will be served at 7pm.  
    • Buses, aquarium, social etc, will cost $43,850 or $136/person for social.
  • Breaks
    • Vic suggested we get 5 sponsors to pay for the 5 breaks (two each on the 7th and 8th, and one on the 9th).  $4K/break times 5 breaks is $20K needed
    • Fred H. stated BassPro has already donated $10K that would be great for a break.  -Chris H. stated that BASS is good for $5K.  Chris will check on getting the other two breaks sponsored and mentioned one possibility was (Aquathol).
  • Taxes – Brent checked on taxes and paying for banquet.  He stated someone from Georgia DNR can pay and not get taxed.

 Fundraising – Fred H.

  • Fred has up to date budget spreadsheet!
  • Fred H. has committed and non-committed sponsor spreadsheet with list of contacts.  Fred H. also has form letter asking sponsors for donations.  Thursday nite Social Sponsors get plaques.
  • Currently we are $50K in the black, more if we get Federal EPA grant of $50K.  We need $60K in donations without EPA
  • Vic has already received $5K each from AR and TN DNR (total $10K), $10K  from MO Heritage Foundation and an additional $27K in hard pledges
  • Vic will ask AFS Chapters for $500 thru email to Presidents
  • Fred H. stated 25 page proposal for $50K EPA grant needs to be completed by Oct 1.  The proposal needs to state that a publication will be created with the EPA included in the list of authors.  Mike A. agreed to work with Fred on writing proposal 
  • Fred H. stated we have $5K for travel.  We will pay for Neys travel since he is retired.
  • Vic will write letter to Gus and AFS President so they can get symposium on their schedule. 
  • Chris H. said he will handle getting the sport fishing industry donations.  

Attendance – expect approximately 400 participants
AR – sending 10
NC 4-6
VA 4

Registration cost raised to $295 for professionals and $150 for students that includes free book with registration. 

We currently have 9 free hotel rooms
2 rooms for Gus and AFS President
1 MS
1 AL
1 Ney
1 Mike A. gets a free room for Southen Co.  
3 Rooms unoccupied

  • Colton to check on AV setup and expenses.
  • Vic needs to email RC list of sponsors, sponsor levels, form letter, and letterhead
  • Kim will email electronic copy of brochure to RC

Due in August

  • Brochure
  • All contacts made by Sept 1
  • EPA grant due Oct 1

RC committee members need to plan on being in Atlanta Tues evening before the Symposium

Day Two – Roundtable

  • Fred J.  – committee members  need to send their state updates to him so he can place on website. 
  • Larry – MS
    • Public meeting (600+ attendees) concerning crappie fishing on Sardis and Grenada lakes.  Several new crappie regs came out of the meeting 
  • Horton – NFWF Habitat Restoration Grants
  • Colton – AR
    • Aquatic Plant Establishment projects and Lake Ouachita Advisory Group coordinated through Dynamic Solutions

Chris H.  motion to adjourn, Mark O.  moved, Vic seconded.

Submitted by Colton Dennis

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