2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Southern Division Reservoir Committee meeting held on January 13, 2011 (Tampa Bay, Florida)
9:35am – 12:07am; 2:00pm – 4:10pm

Recorded and submitted by Michael A. Abney, Secretary/Auditor (Duke Energy)

  • Reservoir Committee (RC) Chair Steve Sammons called the meeting to order and recognized
    attendees for traveling to the meeting during the tough economical times.  There was no summer
    2010 meeting due to a lack of attendees (due to travel restrictions), but hope for one in summer
    2011 perhaps south of Atlanta.
  • Sammons recognized the really good meeting held in Asheville, NC, especially the habitat
    mapping presentations and discussions.  Habitat mapping will relate well to SARP and will
    become a primary focus of the RC.
  • 2/25/2010 meeting minutes from Asheville, NC are available online and were emailed to
    committee members.

    • Motion to accept minutes: Joe Slaughter; 2nd: Gene Gilliland
  • Financial Report – Michael Abney presented current financial standing of $23,292 in Edward
    Jones investment account at end of 2010.  Abney noted that all RC monies are now consolidated
    into a single account with Edward Jones.  Although financial advisor is based in Mooresville,
    NC, Edward Jones offices are nationwide.

    • Rick Ott asked if the recent upturn in the economy had helped the balance and, indeed, it had with a drop of < $1,000 even though we spent > $2500 in 2010.
    • Kurt Kuklinski asked if we have income from the 2007 symposium book.  No, as that book had been “sold” to National AFS.  However, we still receive <$100/yr from the 1995 Symposium book.
  • Scholarship Committee Report – Kurt Kuklinski reported there were 5 applicants for the two
    2011 Jenkins Memorial Scholarships ($1,000 each).  The winners were Jonah Dagel (Mississippi
    State University) and Ryan Lothrop (Auburn University).  He has all five submissions for
    members to review.  Each winner will also be eligible for the 2012 scholarships.
  • Old business:
    • Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP) – Jeff Boxrucker continued discussion topic from 2010 Asheville meeting focusing on Steve Miranda’s habitat assessment work.  He suggested going to reservoirresearch.org to follow progress.  Miranda’s team requested information from the lower 48 states on reservoirs > 250 acres that met certain criteria.  So far, response has been good.  Survey analyses should be completed by summer 2011 and have the complete assessment completed by the 2012 SDAFS meeting.  Questions/answers followed.
    • Striped Bass Committee – Jim Bulak discussed recent 2010 striper symposium and the publication of a book that will serve as source of information on stripers and hybrids including a survey of committee members.  They will follow up with questions for non-known answers such as how to best establish forage fish, stocking numbers, and impacts on other species and user groups.  He mentioned the need to have input from the RC and the difficulty with travel and meeting attendance for members.John Taylor mentioned the takemefishing.org website and its possible inaccuracies with fishing information such as fishable reservoirs, boat ramp locations, and species present.
    • RFHP (continued) – Jeff Boxrucker continued previous discussion and noted importance of local “chapters” and partnership involvement such as Partnership for Fish Friendly Waters and home owners’ associations.  He mentioned all information can be found on website reservoirpartnership.org including executive committee members and partners.  They’re still in need of a hydropower industry representative.  Spring meeting is always at Table Rock Lake, MO (Bass Pro Shops) with fall meetings moved around near ongoing project sites.   Funding is still a major issue as many partnerships rely heavily upon federal funding that may dry up soon.
      The partnership received $90,000 in both 2009 and 2010.
    • Lunch
    • RFHP (continued) – Discussion continued on the RFHP and how to get the best response from the states.  Going through state fish chiefs is probably the best route.  Also, how best to get funding before other partnerships gain traction?  SARP is really only other partnership at the same point as the RFHP.  Joe Slaughter asked about access to mitigation funds from private companies and government agencies (DOT, TVA).
  • New business:
    • Website – who can take over as webmaster of RC website after Fred Janssen leaves position?  Fred can work with that person over next year prior to handing it over for good.  Kurt Kuklinski mentioned that form applications (scholarships) would help.  Sammons will ask John Taylor about taking over position.
    • Chair – Sammons announced that Kurt Kuklinski will take over as Chair at 2012 meeting in Biloxi, MS.  Kurt works closely with Gene Gilliland and Jeff Boxrucker to assist with RFHP.Who can take Kurt’s position as Scholarship Chair?  Other members (Mike Wood, Neal Jackson, Brent Hess) were not present, but committee thought Neal Jackson would be a good replacement as long as we get another addition to the Scholarship Committee.
    • Summer Meeting – We’re aiming for 15 attendees at a summer meeting to be held south of Atlanta.  Discussion of the RFHP and habitat mapping will continue; may be able to get Adam Kaiser to attend although he recently took position with the USFWS in Panama City, FL.
  • Round-table discussion ensued with much of focus on summer 2010 striper mortalities around the Southeast.

Motion to adjourn at 4:10pm: Fred Heitman; 2nd: Joe Slaughter


Steve Sammons  Auburn University
Gene Gilliland   Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Dan Shoup    Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Joey Slaughter   Georgia Power Company
Warren Schlechle   Texas Parks and Wildlife
Rick Ott    Texas Parks and Wildlife
Craig Bonds    Texas Parks and Wildlife
Cliff Sager    Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Kurt Kuklinski  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Mark Oliver     Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Wes Porak    Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Tim Churchill   Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Stuart Wooldridge  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Jim Hedrick     West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
Chad Holbrook  South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Jeff Boxrucker  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Larry Pugh    Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
Brian McRae    North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Colton Dennis   Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Greg Summers  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
Chris Racey    Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Michael Abney  Duke Energy
Fred Heitman    American Aquatics
Damon Abernathy  Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Fred Janssen    Office of the Attorney General of Texas
John Taylor    Texas Parks and Wildlife
Dave Buckmeier  Texas Parks and Wildlife
Mike Allen    University of Florida
Jim Bulak    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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