2010 Annual Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the 2010 Annual Meeting, February 25, 2009, Asheville, NC

  1. Welcome, opening remarks, introductions
  2. Reading and Approval of 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes
  3. Financial Report
  4. Scholarship Committee Report
  5. Old Business
    1. Discussion of Book Distribution for Reservoir Symposium Participants
    2. Discussion of Position of Secretary-Auditor and How to Better Streamline Financial Accounting Practices (e.g., where the hell is the checkbook?!)
    3. Update on SARP/Reservoir TargetsĀ  (S. Robinson, SARP)
    4. Priority List of Reservoirs Under SARP/NFHI
  6. New Business
    1. Overview of the Reservoir Habitat Partnership and How the RC Can Be Involved (J. Boxrucker)
    2. Habitat Classification in Reservoirs (S. Sammons)
  7. Mapping Habitat in Reservoirs
    1. Kaesar and T. Litts, GDNR
      1. Overview of Current Technique Used to Map Rivers
      2. Modifying It For Reservoirs (with examples)
    2. R. Simmons, Normandeau Associates
      1. Overview of Techniques Used Across the Country
    3. Roundtable Discussion/ Q&A Session With the Presenters (how can you make this work in YOUR reservoir)
  8. Roundtable Discussion
  9. Adjorn

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