Meeting Recorder History

Meeting Minutes Recorders

Below is a summary of Reservoir Committee meetings minutes recorders for SDAFS Spring Meetings and summer technical sessions.

  Meeting Date Recorder State
  January 2009 Joey Slaughter Georgia
  July 2008 Mike Abney, Mark Rogers NC, FL
  February 2008 Lawrence Dorsey North Carolina
  February 2007 Mark Rogers Florida
  July 2006 Colton Dennis Arkansas
  February 2006 Melissa Woods-Jackson Florida
  July 2005    
  February 2005 Elizabeth Heitman Arkansas
  July 2004 Mark Oliver Arkansas
  February 2004 Kevin Yokum West Virginia
  July 2003 John Taylor Texas
  February 2003 Wade Bales South Carolina
  July 2002 Gene Gilliland Oklahoma
  February 2002 Mike Colvin Missouri
  July 2001 Vic DiCenzo Virginia
  February 2001 Wade Bales South Carolina
  July 2000 Fred Heitman Tennessee
  February 2000 ? ?
  July 1999 Steve Sammons Tennessee
  February 1999 ? ?
  July 1998 Scott Hale Ohio

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