Native Aquatic Plants For Habitat Symposium – AFS 2002

Native Aquatic Plants For Habitat Symposium

AFS 2002 Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland

August 21, 2002 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Room 9

Time – Title and Presenter

8:00 Intro remarks: Native Aquatic Plants for Habitat – Michael Smart

8:10 Consequences Of Human Lakeshore Development On Emergent And Floating-Leaf Vegetation Abundance – Paul Radomski

8:30 Use Of Remote Sensing And GIS Technologies For Studying Plant Community Dynamics: A Case Study – Kim Tugend

8:50 Between A Dark And A Dry Place: Establishing Native Aquatic Plants In Turbid Fluctuating Reservoirs – Michael Smart

9:10 Preserving And Restoring Minnesota’s Shoreline Habitats – Michael Halverson

9:30 Littoral Zone Manipulation And Native Plant Restoration For Fish Habitat In Onondaga Lake, New York – John Madsen

10:10 Habitat Enhancement In Florida’s Kissimmee Chain Of Lakes – Craig Mallison

10:30 Evaluation Of Methods For Establishing Native Aquatic Vegetation In Seven Texas Reservoirs – Mark Webb

10:50 Restoring Fish Habitat With Native Aquatic Plants In Arcadia Reservoir, Oklahoma – Gene Gilliland

11:10 Establishing Aquatic Plants Under The Corps Of Engineers’ Section 206/1135 Environmental Restoration Programs – Gary Dick

11:30 Development Of An Online Model To Predict Success Of Aquatic Plant Establishment – Fred Janssen

1:10 Underwater Grasses In The Chesapeake: Colony To Country To Conundrum – Kent Mountford

1:30 Bioenergetics Comparison Of Prey And Piscivore Production In Vegetated And Unvegetated Mesohaline Chesapeake Bay Habitats – Bill Rodney

1:50 Effect Of Competing Primary Producers And Herbivory On Vallisneria Transplants – Craig Osenberg

2:10 Revegetation Of Galveston Bay Shorelines Following A Severe Subsidence Event – Andrew Sipocz

2:30 Monitoring Fish Assemblages In Transplanted And Natural Eelgrass Beds In Great Bay Estuary, NH/ME, USA – N.T. Evans

2:50 Effects Of Mechanical Harvesting Of Eurasian Watermilfoil On Angling For Bluegills In Fish Lake, Wisconsin – Jean Unmuth

3:30 Behavior, Movement, And Home Range Of Largemouth Bass In Response To Herbicide Induced Hydrilla Reduction – Steve Sammons

3:50 Replacement Of Hydrilla With Native Submersed Plants Using Herbicides, And Impact On Juvenile Largemouth Bass – Mike Maceina

4:10 Largemouth Bass Population Recovery Following A Hydrilla Management Strategy In Lake Bellwood, Texas – Richard Ott

4:30 Changes In Largemouth Bass Recruitment To Age-1 And Adult Abundance Following A Large-Scale Habitat Enhancement – Mike Allen

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