Reservoir Symposium

logo4th International Reservoir Symposium

Balancing Fisheries Management and Water

Uses for Impounded River Systems

June 6-9, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia

Water allocation is one of the leading issues facing fisheries today, and fisheries managers are increasingly required to interact with other professionals including hydrologists, economists, and industry representatives in water conflicts. This symposium will address the challenges of managing reservoir fisheries and habitat in the context of competing water uses.  Speakers will address topics such as water allocation, hydroelectric demands, and establishing minimum flows in reservoir tailwaters and streams.  The symposium will include not only fisheries managers but experts related to water allocation issues from economic, legal, and watershed-management perspectives.

The symposium will include a series of mini-symposia that address issues of critical need for reservoir habitat management, human dimensions aspects, implications of catch-and-release fishing, stock enhancement, and data analysis and interpretation.  Collectively, the symposium and book that follows will provide a valuable resource for reservoir fisheries managers, anglers, and professionals in fields related to water allocation.

In addition to invited and contributed papers, a free two-hour workshop entitled “Reservoir Habitat Initiative” will be conducted by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and a fantastic dinner social will be held at the new Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

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