Warmwater Streams Committee

of the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society

Jimmie Pigg Memorial Outstanding Student Achievement Award


The SDAFS Warmwater Streams Committee is proud to announce their selection of Ms. Laurie Early to receive the Jimmie Pigg Memorial Outstanding Student Achievement Award for 2012.  Ms. Early, a student at Auburn University, was selected for her commitment to student excellence in warmwater streams-related research, education, and professional and public service.  She will be presented with the award at the SDAFS business meeting in Biloxi on 27 January 2012.  Congratulations, Laurie!

The Warmwater Streams Committee (WWSC) was established in 1976 as a technical committee within the SDAFS in order to address issues related to warmwater streams. The Committee promotes the conservation and management of warmwater streams by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and concerns.  The WWSC is also committed to the development of fisheries professionals.  In pursuit of this effort the Committee created an Outstanding Student Achievement Award in 1997 to recognize university students showing exceptional progress in their research, education and professional endeavors.  In 1999 the award was re-named the Jimmie Pigg Memorial Outstanding Student Achievement Award (JPMOSAA) in honor of Jimmie Pigg, a longtime supporter of student activities and AFS.  Learn more about Jimmie Pigg here.  The recipient of the JPMOSAA receives a plaque, funds for travel to an AFS meeting, and a one-year membership to AFS.  Recipients have historically been recognized at the SDAFS Spring Meeting.  Beginning in 2011, students attending other AFS meetings became eligible to receive the JPMOSAA (see details below).

Each year, the WWSC will select one recipient for the JPMOSAA.  Both MS and PhD students are eligible to apply but preference is given to MS candidates.  Students must be either currently enrolled or have been enrolled during the previous academic year in a university within an SDAFS member state.  Selection criteria are based on research, education, professional and civic activities.  Research and education activities can be associated with any aspect of warmwater streams ecosystems.  An outstanding undergraduate or higher educational record including courses pertaining to fisheries or aquatic biology and warmwater streams ecology and management are highly desirable.  Professional activities in fishery-related student organizations, AFS Chapters, and similar organizations are also desirable.  Applicable public services can include any voluntary activities but those pertaining to conservation and fishing are most desirable.  All nominees must be willing to present their research at any of the following meetings: the SDAFS Spring Meeting, the AFS national meeting, or any state AFS chapter meeting.  A committee of WWSC members will serve as the selection committee.  All nomination materials must be submitted by December 1st.  The application can be found HERE.

1For the definition of warmwater streams see Winger, P.V. 1981. Physical and chemical characteristics of warmwater streams: A review. In Krumholz, L.A. editor. The Warmwater Stream Symposium: A National Symposium on Fisheries Aspects of Warmwater Streams. American Fisheries Society Warmwater Streams Symposium, 1981, pp 33-44.